Shiva, who started his professional journey as a  Mathematician and went through various modalities of   education like Reiki Grand Master Title, Past Life   Regression Therapy, Karuna Reiki etc. Despite being a   scholar in academics, since his childhood days he had an   inner quest to find his Real Knowledge, which led him to   investigate the Ancient Secrets under the honourable   guidance of Authentic Mentors.

He reproduced these ancient knowledge in simplest form for the children. He is the founder of Natural Mid Brain Activation, Remote Vision, Body Scanning etc. He solved various cases of Psychological disorders, Paranormal Problems etc.

  Now-a-days he is spreading awareness in the society to help the mankind and to Increase  human abilities to be considered them as Super Human. This honest effort has received appreciation from all genre of society in our country as well as from International Community.



Campus Mandal

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