According to Yog, we have 7 chakras. These chakras act like power houses and are energy centers. Our karmas are stored in our chakras and due to which they become heavy with toxins and energy blockages starts. All nerves that runs in our body gets energy from the chakras, so chakra blockage results in number of diseases and mental problems.

Apart from this, chakras have much more subtle presence and connects us with our surroundings, other people and other places also.

Highlights Of The Course

  • Chakra Theory
  • Chakra Pranayam
  • Chakra Yog
  • Chakra Mantra
  • Chakra Hom & Rituals
  • Games & Activities
  • Chakra Meditation


  • Balances Chakras
  • Detoxification Of Chakras
  • Alignment Of Chakras
  • Blockage Removal Of Chakras
  • Initiation Of Activation Energy Of Chakras
  • Expansion & Development Of Energy.


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