Patanjali Yog Sutras means formulas of Yog which are written by Maharishi Patanjali after His penance. According to Patanjali “The Yog” means the art of connection with Self, connection with Paramatma , connection with Universe, connection with Nature, connection with Panch Tattva and connection with Panchkoshas. The great saint Mahasiddha Patanjali has described many practical methods to attain samadhi which is the highest state achieved through any sadhana.

Patanjali Yog sutras are the scientific formulas which gives the same results to all the human beings when practiced. But the knowledge hidden in the sutras is very secretive and can only be decoded by the real spiritual masters who are connected with ancient Himalayan Kulas and Paramparas. Mahasiddha Patanjali has also described many shaktis and powers which are expressed in the sadhak in the journey of yog before attaining samadhi.

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According to Mahasiddha the yog is not only the means to remain healthy but to attain samadhi and powers.

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