Quantum Speed Reading is the term used for reading books by just turning pages or flipping them. There are two types of processes around the world to develop Quantum speed reading. One of the processes involves the use of brainwaves, subliminal music, frequencies or vibrations.

Through this, brain centres involved in speed reading are activated and developed. The methods are very popular in Japan & are used there since several decades. The only thing is that, it is very very expensive and beyond the reach of common man. On the contrary our methods are 100% natural, requires low investment in comparison, and no frequency, brain waves or vibrations are used in the process. These natural methods are being used only by Vedicshaktis.

These methods are not invented by Vedicshaktis but are derived & discovered from ancient scriptures which we can call as vedic spiritual sciences. This system was very popular in ancient Bharat in gurukul and were being used by the Rishis & Munis to train their students. This education & methods were the root source of many advanced Vidyas & knowledge system which is being revived by the Vedicshaktis nowdays. So do not panic by seeing thick books but avail an opportunity to develop your brain to read 200 pages in just 10 minutes.


  • Processing information of few pages
  • Recognizing pictures of book
  • Summarizing whole book
  • chapter – wise information
  • Involving other senses


  • Develops interest in reading
  • Deeper understanding
  • Better recalling
  • Reduces learning time
  • Able to summarize 200 pages book in few minutes

Duration :- 7 Days & 6 Nights (Residential)

Age :- 7 to 16 Years



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