Shiv Vibhuti means the prasad of Shiv which is expressed in the form of abilities by His sadhak. When anyone worships lord Shiv with pure heart and the innocence, he gets the fruits in the form of different powers or abilities. In these camps the powers expressed by adults are body scanning, distance body scanning, remote visions, quantum speed reading, self healing, spoon bending, blind fold reading, oneness with plants & animals and mind reading.

The age group eligible for this camp is above 21 years. Duration of this camp is 10 days and pre-registration is required to attend the camp. Participants can only join on the availability of seats. The camp schedule starts from early in the morning till the late evening. The methodology involved in the camp is full of activities, recreation, cultural activities, physical activities, art, games, music, dance and competitions.

Note:- Results (abilities/powers) may differ person to person. 


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