The story begins from Kailash where Jagadamba Parvati asked the Supreme, the Lord Shiva,”So many people do different types of meditations and sadhanas to know you and to attain self realization but I want to know the authentic meditation methods through which one can attain self realization”.

Then the Adiguru Sadashiv explained 108 methods of meditations to Maa which are invincible to attain self realization.

These 108 meditations later on became 112 and were compiled in a book popularly known as Vigyaan Bhairav Tantra nowadays.

Of these 112 techniques we are bringing out 21 authentic meditation methods for all which can be learned by *life coaches, therapists, counsellors, leaders, healers, HR professionals, mind power trainers, educators and individuals who believe in self development.

Our purpose behind this course is to provide authentic methods of meditations for the society which are not only result oriented but also very easy to learn and follow.
The special feature of this course is that these methods are not given or made by any individual but taught by the Bhagwaan Shiva Himself.

Note :- All our courses are for educational purpose only.

Each method explained is independent of each other and is capable of attaining the highest fruits of Sadhanas.

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