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Mr. Praveen Rai is a young dynamite. A man having extraordinary skills, tremendous energy, full of enthusiasm and hard work.

Within his 10 years of experience in Panchgavya, Ayurveda and Natural vedic therapy, he had gain thousands of blessings from his patients.

Other than his very effective natural ayurvedic remedies and formulae, he have a good hold on German diet protocol too.

He received and experienced his ayurveda knowledge while living in forest for years with his great traditional Siddha vaidya (Ayurvedic Physician). He find out special ways to diagnose the root cause of various disorders and has customized very unique treatments and diet accordingly.

In his journey of wellness, he found miraculous results on more than 2000 patients and treated almost all acute and chronic disorders.

In spite of being a ‘Quality Mine’ he is very simple and believes in ‘Simple Living, High Thinking’. He is a man of humanity and God has given special grace in his hands to heal others.


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